Flames tear through April's Dancing Feet dance studio in Canarsie

April's Dancing Feet dance studio went up in flames Thursday morning.
"I got a call at 6 o'clock this morning saying that my studio had been on fire and I got here as soon as I could and it was pretty bad," said Owner April Scandariato.
About 60 firefighters battled the smoke around 4:30 p.m. They had it all under control within 20 minutes.
FDNY Deputy Chief James Smithwick said, "The rolldown gate was down, the units could see fire behind the gate, so they cut the gate, went in and extinguished the fire."
One entire studio was completely destroyed, and stock rooms and floors were damaged. This isn't the first time the business has dealt with a fire. "Believe it or not I had a fire about 12 years ago at my old location on Avenue L and 92nd and I ended up here. I had to rebuild in one month. This is my 26th year of business," said Scandariato.
Scandariato says clients have been calling all day wondering when it will reopen. She says they're working hard to get it back up and running in a few days.
The FDNY tells News 12 the cause is under investigation, but that as of now it doesn't appear to be suspicious.