Flatbush nonprofit launches campaign promoting LGBTQ youth acceptance

A nonprofit's new campaign has the goal of teaching parents to accept their children no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. 
Posters have been put at bus stops around Brooklyn that are in Spanish and English. The 37 posters have been up for a week and will remain up for another three weeks.
The ad campaign was released by Camba, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that offers a variety of family programming. 
As part of their HIV prevention initiative, the nonprofit says Project ALY attempts to encourage the acceptance of LGBTQ youth especially at home.
The project manager says that LQBTQ kids who are rejected by their parents are three times as likely to be at high risk for HIV and use illegal drugs. 
Organizers and parents say they look forward to the impact the posters can have on thousands.
The posters were created with funding from the Department of Health. 
The group also offers workshops on LGBTQ youth acceptance and will travel to the other boroughs.
More information on how to sign up for workshops or request one for a company can be found here.