Food Fight: Tom's Restaurant

A family owned breakfast spot is sharing its secret to being in the community for more than 80 years.
It's also the winner in the second week of the News 12 Food Fight contest.
Tom's Restaurant in Prospect Heights is famous for their pancakes.
"We are famous for our Danish pancakes, which is a lemon with blueberry pancakes. So, you get a little tart, a little sweet and one of our most popular pancakes, our cinnamon roll pancakes," says Jimmy Kokotas, third generation owner.
The family owned business first opened the location in Prospect Heights in 1936.
"What makes a pancake special in my opinion and the way I tell people to always judge their pancakes is without the syrup in the butter. If you got a put a lot of syrup and butter on it to make it taste good it's not a great pancake," says Kokotas.
He says their pancakes have kept loyal customers for years.
"There a lot of great restaurants in New York City. So, whenever you get mentioned amongst a great company, it's always an honor," says Kokotas.