Former Councilman Andy King calls ouster ‘unconstitutional and wrong’

Former City Councilman Andy King got emotional with his wife by his side as he spoke to dozens of supporters at the Gun Hill Houses on Saturday – less than a week after the City Council voted 48 to 2 to remove him from office.
The allegations against him over the last few years include sexual harassment, misuse of city funds and a kickback scheme. He says all are false. His lawyers added that they have filed a lawsuit, referencing the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause.
“What the City Council did is improper, inappropriate, unlawful, unconstitutional and wrong,” says King.
King once represented the 12th District at City Hall but was removed on Monday after his third ethics investigation. Now the district's 29-year-old budget director, Brian Milford, hopes to fill his empty seat.
“I have no doubts that the 12th District will get the representation that it deserves and I thank you humbly for even considering me to be that next representative,” says Milford.
King blames power and politics for his dismissal and says he hopes to be reinstated. However, he backs Melford if he can't have his job back.
“That's all I ask for, fairness,” says King. “If you're going to throw rocks at me, let's be fair how we're going to have the conversation.”
The special election to fill King's seat will be held on Dec. 22.