Fort Greene fitness center offers program for senior citizens

At a certain point, people tend to slow down with age, but don't tell that to the folks at the Southbridge Fitness Center in Fort Greene.
The motto at Southbridge Fitness is “age is just a number.”
"Just because you're 65 years old doesn't mean that, and you're retired, doesn't mean that you don't have to move,” says Monifa Maat, founding partner.

The gym participates in the Silver Sneakers Program, which allows seniors on Medicare to work out in select fitness centers free of charge.

"It's the whole lifestyle and how fitness and nutrition interact in their daily lives and that's the message that we get across to seniors,” says Martin Addo, founder.

With workouts tailored to keep them on their feet and less emphasis on weights and more on straps, ropes and their own body, the program strengthens the seniors.