Friends, family take part in ‘Blessing to the Wind Wreath Memorial” gathering

Grieving friends and families came together on Saturday for the “Blessings to the Wind Wreath Memorial” gathering.
The gathering took place in Vinegar Hill, which was held by the Melquain Jatelle Anderson Foundation. Xenia Barnes co-founded the foundation after Anderson was fatally shot outside the Farragut Houses back in 2018.
"What we wanted to do was to be able to bring some healing to his murder, so we wanted to create a staple, where everybody can come together in a community and heal,” said Barnes.
They say they for people who want to talk publicly, there's an open mic for stories. For others, a station to write letters to their loved ones, which are put on to a wreath.
"They understand me more than anybody,” said attendee Shine Dingle, who lost her son to gun violence. I've been trying to make it seem like it isn’t real, but I wanted to talk about it."
"Sometimes people cry, sometimes they laugh, it's a mixture of emotions,” added Barnes.
Organizers hope to have wreaths in more parts of the city every year.