Fugghedaboutit Food: Green Vegan Monsta

Curious about going vegan? There's a spot serving up some delicious plant-based meals that could get meat lovers to cross over to the other side. 
Green Vegan Monsta is a new, meatless casual dining spot in Bushwick.
"Everyone wants to be healthy, everyone wants to be fit," says Chef J.
Chef J says that's one of the reasons many are curios about eating vegan, meaning no meat or dairy, but rather a focus on plant-based foods. 
"It was so hard in the beginning. All we had was tofu and vegetables, and there was no flavoring, so now we have been blessed by the vegan gods, we have been given everything now that we need," Chef J.
One of their signature dishes is the "monsta steak," using pea protein and a meat replacement. 
Owners say they want to be seen as more than a restaurant. They say their space wants to spread veganism to local families.