Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Brennan and Carr

People have been flocking to a Brooklyn hot roast beef sandwich spot for 80-years.
Brennan and Carr has a lot of items on their menu but one is set apart from the rest.
The iconic restaurant’s hot roast beef sandwiches have been a main staple of Brooklyn culture since the 1930s and people are always coming back for a taste.
Kitchen manager Richard Egan says the success behind the roast beef is that it’s made in house and the sandwich comes with two varieties.
"We make our own roast beef here. We cook them in the oven and we make them nice and fresh. They're sliced to the order," Egan says.
Each sandwich comes fully stacked with a mountain of meat, cheese and onions jammed in between two warm buns.
However, it's not the only way you could order the sandwich Egan says.
"The most popular way is called the double dip, which comes with extra gravy on the plate. The sandwich itself without the broth is like having a sandwich at a deli. But no one really has the broth that we have that makes the sandwich the way we've been making it for 80 years," Egan says.
3432 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11229
(718) 769-1254