Fuhgeddaboudit Food: General Deb's

General Deb's can best be described as a neighborhood restaurant specializing in Sichuan noodles, dumplings and other classic Sichuan dishes.
The Bushwick restaurant is located on Irving Street and chef Kevin Adey admits he’s never visited China but it's no secret he has a love for Chinese food.
"The smells and flavors. The Sichuan pepper, it just sucks you in and it's a pleasure to cook it. Every time I make it it's really rewarding," Adey says.
Adey says he named the restaurant in honor of his wife, Debbie.
General Deb's serves up lots of noodle and dumpling dishes but Adey recommends the Kung Pao chicken.
The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian options.
General Deb's
24 Irving Ave. Bushwick