Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Juliana's Pizza

A pizza shop is serving its slices on holy ground near the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn. 
Juliana’s Pizza sits on the site of the original Grimaldi’s, and pizza lovers come from near and far to make sure they’re first in line. 
The most popular pizza is known as the margarita pizza. Many people say they love it because it’s simple. 
It's just sauce, cheese, basil, oregano and olive oil to top it all off.
The coal fire oven used at the pizza shop is a technology that Mr. Grimaldi reintroduced 30 years ago. 
This is the first coal oven commissioned in the city in more than 50 years.  
"A crispness and a chewiness that you just don't get in other ovens," co-owner Matthew Grogan told News 12
Juliana’s Pizza has received recognition and attracted people from all over the world.