Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Republic of Booza

A Brooklyn business is serving up ice cream the original way.
Owners at Republic of Booza say they are bringing back the original form of ice cream.
From first glance, it may appear to be just ordinary ice cream, but co-owner Michael Sadler says it's made differently.
Traditional modern ice creams like soft serve were created only when refrigeration was invented.  However, booza originated out of the Eastern Mediterranean region, Sadler says.
"It has a soft elasticity to it that ultimately makes it smoother, denser and creamier than other forms of ice cream," he says. 
The booza is pounded with large paddles and stretched by hand.
And in order to maintain consistency, Sadler says workers have to continuously agitate and work the booza to keep its signature stretchiness.
Traditionally the only flavor of booza is candied cream. However, you'll find it as vanilla, chocolate, even salted caramel at the Republic of Booza.
"We really want to recreate iconic American staples so that our customers could fall in love with their childhood favorites all over again," Sadler says.