Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Sushi by Bou

One restaurant in Sheepshead Bay is ditching menus in exchange for an exciting and unforgettable dining experience.
"Omakase literally means leave up it to the chef, trust us,” says Chef David Bouhadana.
Chef Bouhadana says that is exactly what he is asking customers to do when they step into Sushi by Bou.
The restaurant serves customers a high-end sushi experience known as Omakase.

"There is no menu. There is kind of like a storyboard that goes up there that explains the progression of the fish. But simply we choose, you eat, and we're all happy,” says Chef Bouhadana.

Customers get an hour to dine on 12 different pieces of sushi made with seasonal fish. Each piece is carefully picked and crafted by the chef.

"Usually everything is all raw, nothing is cooked. It's hand pieces and everything is made right in front of you,” says Chef Bouhadana.

For customers who can't get enough sushi, Bouhadana has a special creation combining several pieces all into one that he calls “The Big Mac.”

"I think the Big Mac is the big bang of the end to kind of fill you up. And if you love the taste of the ocean, and it has the wagyu beef and the truffle salt. It's really the best pieces put together,” says Chef Bouhadana.

Giving customers an experience Bouhadana hopes they won't forget.