Fuhgeddaboudit It Food: Little Cupcake Bakeshop

A bakery in Bay Ridge is celebrating nearly 15 years of business, and its signature chocolate cake continues to be a big hit.
At Little Cupcake Bakeshop all the cakes are handmade.
"No machines are making anything here," says head baker Salvatore Lobuglio.
Lobuglio says he and his family used childhood memories as inspiration to open the Bay Ridge shop.
"We grew up eating all Italian foods, Italian pastries and this was a novelty in my family. We didn't have this type of food where we grew up," says Lobuglio. "When we had this, we were like 'wow, this is like a treat,' we wanted to bring people together the way these desserts brought us together at the dinner table when we were kids."
Lobuglio says the shop's most popular item is the Brooklyn Blackout cake.
"It's not such a rich cake. It's kind of in between. So, you got your chocolate cake and your chocolate batter. Then we have chocolate ganache and we mix it in a little. It's like a semi-sweet chocolate," says Lobuglio.
The bakery also makes sure to use every ingredient to the fullest. They feature a banana-Nutella cake that is actually a re-creation from some other desserts.
"Sometimes the cakes don't always come out right. And rather than discard them we put them in a cake and bread pudding to avoid food waste," says Lobuglio.
Lobuglio says he's hopes Little Cupcake Bakeshop will keep customers coming back time after time.