Fuhgeddaboudit It Food: Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

A doughnut shop in Greenpoint is sharing the secret to its seven decades of success.
Apple fritter, toasted coconut, and red velvet cruller are just a few of the sweet finds at Peter Pan Donuts.

"It's a local neighborhood doughnut shop where everything is hand done. Our doughnuts are hand cut fried and hand finished,” says owner Donna Siafakas.

Neighbors have faithfully flocked to the Greenpoint shop that's been around for nearly 70 years.

Despite having new and unique doughnut flavors, Siafakas says nothing beats a classic doughnut.
"It's always been here and always will be. It's clean or you can get it glazed but it's heavier than a yeast doughnut it's very good if you're a dunker. You can dump it in your coffee and get saturated. Sometimes it falls in but it's so worth it to scoop it out,” says Siafakas.

Peter Pan staff says they can make anywhere from hundreds to thousands every day.

"We use quality ingredients, and everything is hand done. And that makes a big difference than a machine cut doughnut. You can put a little extra time and love into it and I think in the results it shows,” says Siafakas.