Funeral held for woman who was fatally shot while working at City Island construction site

Funeral services were held Thursday for Lizbeth Mass, the woman who was shot and killed last week as she worked at a City Island construction site.
The 52-year-old was a flag person on City Island for a construction company. 
Many say she was essentially known as the mayor of City Island because she would always talk to people walking by and have a friendly smile for drivers as she guided them along their way. 
Last week, police say she had a conversation with someone who came by the site often on his bike. When he returned that day, police say he shot her. 
Mass suffered six gunshot wounds and later died from her injuries. 
Police say they do not know what was said during their conversation, but they say the suspect had brought her lunch. 
The man was identified as 66-year-old Jose Everaldo Reyes. They say he worked as a local handyman. 
He is charged with murder, manslaughter, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon.