Funeral held for 4 victims of Bronx house fire

A Bronx community is in mourning following a tragic house fire in Claremont that killed four people, including a 10-month-old baby.
A funeral was held today for the four people killed.
The community has been continuing to show support for this family who lost four members Sunday morning. Three of those victims were young children. The family of the victims owned the local store King Deli, which has since become a memorial for the four victims: 10-year-old Kalheed Waleed Ban Saleh, his 12-year-old brother Mohameed Waleed Ahmed, 22-year-old Ahmed Saleh and his 10-month-old baby girl Barah Saleh.
The two surviving members of the family are still recovering. The fire happened in the Castle Hill neighborhood of the Bronx and fire officials are still investigating the cause.
The family’s deli has many loyal customers who came by to light candles, hang up signs, and lay balloons in Claremont.