Garnet Health announces cuts to hospital, outpatient care

At a time when health care needs are at an all-time high, Garnet Health is scaling back on the medical services they offer. 
The decision has left thousands of Garnet Health patients in Orange and Sullivan counties who rely on them for outpatient care scrambling to find new doctors.
News 12 obtained several letters to nurses and patients stating the hospital in Wallkill will no longer have an operating room nurse on staff overnight, and that multiple outpatient medical practices will no longer be offered. 
Routine OB/GYN, rheumatology and pediatric care will no longer be offered at their locations in Middletown, Monticello and Harris. 
Garnet patients are reaching out anonymously with concerns. 
One patient who spoke to News 12 is 39 weeks pregnant. 
“You have built a relationship with these doctors and now it’s like I have to go find someone else,” said the woman. 
OB/GYN patients who are in or past their second trimester are not immediately impacted and will still receive delivery and post-partum care. 
Another patient said she’s concerned about being able to find another physician. 
“I don't even know where to begin, to be frank,” said the woman. 
Several nurses have also reached out to News 12 upset, saying the hospital is planning on moving staff without their input to assigned positions at the hospital’s choosing. 
Garnet said in one letter to staff that the changes are because of “unavoidable influences” affecting the health care system. 
A rep for the hospital tells News 12 the cuts are due to low patient volumes, coupled with expense increases and nationwide supply shortages.