George Santos joins Trump supporters outside courthouse

George Santos, the besieged Republican congressman facing multiple investigations into lies he told while running for office, joined the growing crowd of people gathered outside the Manhattan courthouse ahead of former President Donald Trump’s arraignment.
Santos told The Associated Press that he didn’t plan to go inside the courthouse but came to “support the president.”
“I want to support the president, just because I think this is unprecedented, and it’s a bad day for democracy,” Santos said. “What’s to stop the next prosecutor in two years from doing the same thing to Joe Biden and moving on every four years? So this makes bad precedent legally. And it makes, it cheapens the judicial system, and it’s not good for America.”
Santos has rejected calls for his resignation, including some from members of his own party. He demurred Tuesday when asked if he hopes Trump will continue to back him in return for the show of support.
“I’m not here for that,” he said.