‘Give as you can. Take what you need’ at the Sharing Corner in Gowanus

A free store called the “Sharing Corner” started by the Gowanus Mutual Aid is helping neighbors in need.

News 12 Staff

Jan 31, 2021, 9:16 PM

Updated 1,269 days ago


A free store called the “Sharing Corner” started by the Gowanus Mutual Aid is helping neighbors in need. 
Anyone can stop by and drop off donations or take what they need. 
It started as a response to the coronavirus pandemic and has since grown to a larger, more colorful shelter. 
"It feels good because we're directly helping people. It's not going to an organization and then the people. It's straight to them,” said Zoe Sabbagh, who has donated items to the shelter. 
The shelter sits outside of Millenium Steel and Rack Rentals, where the owner allows organizers to run the store because he believes in their mission to give back. 
"When people give of themselves, for no reason, not looking for anything in return, that's something I believe in,” said Millenium Steel and Rack Rentals Owner David Fox. 
The store is open day and night so community members always have access to do as the slogan says: “Give what you can and take what you need.” 

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