Gov. Cuomo: 60% increase in flu cases this week statewide

New York City is seeing the highest amount of flu cases this week by a longshot compared to the rest of the state.

According to the New York State Flu Tracker, Brooklyn saw the most cases last week compared to the rest of the state at 450.
Dr. Ernest Patti, the senior attending physician of emergency medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital, says residents shouldn't take any chances this flu season.

“It's definitely on the rise, daily we get lots of patients coming it with flu and flu-related illness. And just because you got the vaccine last year doesn't mean you're good for this year,” says Dr. Patti. “It's not good for this year, every year the strains mutate and the vaccine changes. This will give you protection against four strains.”
He says anyone 6 months and older should get a flu shot and that the vaccine does not cause the flu.

"Doesn't happen like that. You may coincidentally get a cough or a cold, but the protection it affords you is definitely much better than not getting it,” says Dr. Patti.

Dr. Patti says to make sure to always wash your hands, and when you're out and about be aware of people coughing or sneezing near you because that's how the flu spreads.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a 60% increase in flu cases statewide since last week, encouraging everyone to get their flu shot.