Gov. Cuomo announces changes to casino, gym and outdoor stadium capacity limits

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a new set of loosened capacity limits in the state of New York, due to take effect in May.
Cuomo says beginning May 15, offices can increase capacity from 50% to 75%.
Casino and gambling facilities will also be able to bump up -- from 25% to 50%.
And gyms outside New York City will be allowed to increase from 33% to 50%.
Then on May 19, outdoor stadium spectator capacity will be allowed to go from 20% to 33%.
The changes came as the governor revealed that the New York State Fair will go on for its full run from Aug. 20 through Sept. 6. at 50% capacity. He added that those capacity figures are subject to change.
"We want the vendors, we want the public to know and we want them to know now that we are going to have our state fair," he said during his COVID-19 briefing on the fairgrounds.