Gov. Hochul proposes expansion of hate crime laws

Amid increasing concerns about hate crimes statewide, Gov. Kathy Hochul is spearheading efforts to enhance legislation targeting such offenses.
She has proposed a new law aimed at broadening the scope of offenses eligible for prosecution as hate crimes.
Currently, there are 66 offenses that can be charged as hate crimes in New York state. Hochul's proposal seeks to expand this list to 97 offenses, including crimes such as graffiti, arson, and gang assault.
Hochul emphasized the urgency of addressing hate crimes, stating, "Doing nothing is not an option. You may think they're only words on a sign or across a storefront, but it tears at you as a human being when that message is meant for you."
Highlighting the significance of the proposed expansion, Hochul cited data showing a 90% increase in hate crimes over the last three years.