Gov. Hochul addresses increased reports of antisemitism in state

Gov. Kathy Hochul held a meeting on Monday morning, where she announced new efforts to tackle hate crimes across the city. 
She called for the meeting during remarks to the American Jewish Committee Board of Governors on Sunday. 
"Here in New York City, we’ve had a huge spike in antisemitic incidents. I know that they’re under reported, hate crimes against Muslims are also being under reported, that is not how we deal with them," said Hochul.
Hochul stated that reports and complains of antisemitism were up 217% in New York over the past month. She is now sending additional state police to multiple regions in an effort to expand the Joint Terrorism Task Force. 
"The expansion of the joint terrorism task force will allow us to embed ourselves more closely with our partners, and form a stronger partnership with the FBI and our federal partners around the state," said Lt. Colonel Andrew Crowe, of the state's Office of Counterterrorism. 
Gov. Hochul says this measure is aimed at preventing more hate crimes rather than having to solve them.