Gov. Hochul signs legislation allowing college athletes to receive compensation in New York

New York college athletes could soon be getting paid while playing the sports they love.
Gov. Kathy Hochul signed new legislation that makes student athletes eligible to receive compensation for use of their name, face or likeness.
NCAA rules have previously prevented students to be able to make a profit off of their image and social media presence.
George Lanese, of the group About U Outreach, works with college athletes and believes this is a long time coming.
“When we come for a visit, they take tons of pictures with the kids with their school jerseys on…and then the kids repost it. That's free marketing out of that,” he says. “So, when you pay it forward to a kid who is a national recruit and comes to your college, they should also be getting paid for their likeness because they are bringing their social media platform with them to the college.”
Hochul says the legislation will help college athletes in New York earn the recognition they deserve and get paid for it.
Some college alumni call this new law “fair game.”
“They work really hard, and they bring an entire crowd. They should be compensated, that's their hard work,” says Syracuse University alumn Emily Kellman.
According to the NCAA, nearly $19 billion was generated in athletic departments in 2019.
Athletes are expected to see some of that money in their own pockets with this new law.