Gov. Kathy Hochul makes NY history becoming 1st woman elected as state governor

Kathy Hochul has won her first full term in office as governor of New York state, becoming the first woman elected to the office.
She defeated Republican candidate Lee Zeldin in what developed into a tense race in its final weeks.
Hochul won 53% of the state's vote, with Lee Zeldin winning 47%.
The governor told her supporters last night that she’s not here to make history, but to make progress.
"I ask all New Yorkers to join me as we act with boldness and urgency and accomplish even more in the next four years. I believe with every fiber in my body that the best days are ahead," she said.
Hochul’s victory keeps New York democrats on track to maintain their now nearly two-decade winning streak in statewide elections.
Hochul's challenger, Army Reserve lieutenant and Republican Lee Zeldin of Long Island, conceded Wednesday afternoon.
Hochul took over the office last year after former Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned. She says she’s hoping to use this term to make a difference for New Yorkers.