Grandson of Nelson Mandela speaks with Brooklyn students on combatting violence

Ndaba Mandela, grandson of South Africa’s first Black president Nelson Mandela, spoke with Brooklyn students at Lamad Academy Charter School on Monday about the importance of chasing their dreams and helping to end violence in our city.  
Lamad Academy students got to learn about the international civil rights icon directly from his grandson. He is in New York City this week to call for an end to the cycle of violence in New York City.  
“As someone who is trying to make my dreams big and get out there, I thought it was really inspiring to hear someone like that telling me that even at this age you can still do it,” said one student. 
Mandela’s inspiring words convinced school leadership to commit to bringing the kids to South Africa.  
“If they do the work and if they want to go, I will find the money to get passports,” said the Rev. Al Cockfield, founder of Lamad Academy Charter School. “Some of them have never even been out of the borough… so to take them overseas, it would blow their minds.” 
While some of the students had never heard of Nelson Mandela before today, the school hopes that today’s visit from his grandson inspires them to carry his message and make change of their own in their communities.