Gravesend resident: Contractor hired to fix sidewalk left street, home in worse condition

A Brooklyn man says the city hired a private contractor to come in and fix the sidewalk in front of his house, but they walked away leaving even more damage to this property.
The series of events date back to March for Gravesend resident Vincent Salino, when he was notified that the city appointed a contractor fix the sidewalk, which was damaged by tree roots.
But as construction went on, Salino noticed one of the poles from his driveway gate was damaged, ultimately breaking the gate. At first, he says contractors denied causing the damage, then tried to fix the pole back into place. He says the bent metal has thrown off the entire gate, causing one of the doors to scrape and drag against his driveway.
On top of that, Salino says the sidewalk in front of the driveway where contractors parked their vehicles was cracked and pressed down, leaving several hazardous areas where he thinks someone can get hurt.
Salino says he has gone back and forth with both the contractor and the New York City Department of Design and Construction, but no one has been able to help.
Earlier this month, News 12 reached out to the Department of Design and Construction, which said in a statement, "The contractor had originally made the repairs to the sidewalk in March 2019, and then returned in August to make repairs to the gate. The contractor will return to the site within the next 24 hours to inspect the gate again and make repairs if necessary."
Salino says somebody did come out recently to take a look at the damage, but they left without doing anything.
Months later, Salino says he just wants his property returned to the way it was.