Gravesend school sends kids home as storm floods building

The David A. Boody Middle School in Gravesend asked parents to come pick up their children early from school due to flooding in the building. 
"The lunchroom got flooded because of the rain, and it traveled up to the first floor," said student Erick Green. 
Cars lined the street outside the school as concerned parents came to the aid of their kids to get them out of the flooded school.
"They didn't bring a mop, they didn't bring a lot of mats," said parent Ivette Veliz. "It was honestly so chaotic and so slippery."
Another parent told News 12 that he had heard someone fall inside of the auditorium and that that person had injured their leg as a result. News 12 did see emergency first responders enter the building but has yet to receive an update. 
Some parents are asking the city if schools should have even been open in the first place due to the severe weather conditions, and NYC Schools Chancellor David Banks had this to say about the matter.
“We do have some schools which have had some flooding, and we have to address that, but we take the option of a remote learning day very, very seriously, and we use that as a last option," said Banks. 
News 12 received the following statement from the Department of Education: “The David Boody School (IS 228) in Brooklyn did not require an evacuation. The message the principal of that school sent was sent prematurely.”