Greenpoint art studio offers 'pay what you wish' classes

An art studio in Greenpoint is offering students in the community a "pay what you wish" after school class.
Students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade are able to express themselves at the art class at the Eckford Street Studio.
Organizers say they know art classes can be expensive, so they had the idea to allow parents to pay what they were able to.

"We wanted to offer something more flexible and to reach further into the community," says Kristin Melkin, executive director at ESS Community Projects.

The child artists create drawings, paintings, sculptures and are encouraged to experiment and express themselves.

"Art gives everybody a different way to experience the world. It builds critical thinking skills, gives them a new way to look at things and find their own power and their own voice," says Melkin.

Melkin says parents typically donate $10 to 20 per child for the class, but they're in need of continued sponsorship to keep the program going.

"It's been really nice to feel like we met an instant need and we want to keep growing it," says Melkin.

On March 14, the Eckford Art Studio will be holding a family art brunch and auction so they can raise money to continue doing programs like this one.