Group of New Yorkers taking city's rat problem into their own hands

Mayor Eric Adams says there is a 'war on rats' in New York City, but for more than three decades, there is one group of soldiers who have been out in the trenches.
The Ryders Alley Trencher Fed Society train their terriers to hunt rats across the tri-state area. "I don't know if we use to get 30, 40 a night," said R.A.T.S. member Jason Rivera. "I guess it is a little bit like an army."
The group says they catch fewer rats now than in the past. The Ryders have operated for three decades.
News 12 analyzed 311 data and looked at rat sightings. Compared to last year, sightings appear to be down only by around a few hundred, year-to-date. The city has spent millions on the issue and even hired a 'Rat Czar' to oversee the issue.
"Whether or not there's an increase in the population of rats, I have no idea," said R.A.T.S. co-founder Richard Reynolds.
News 12 ran into Lower Manhattan resident who immediately recognized the group.
"They're the best thing," said an area resident.  When News 12's Katelynn Ulrich asked him if he saw a notable decrease in rats, he said, "To tell you the truth, yeah. But they're somewhere out there."