Group suing to stop high rises from being built next to Brooklyn Botanic Garden

A group of Brooklyn residents is moving forward with a lawsuit to stop the building of two high rises next to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Alicia Boyd is leading the lawsuit against the developers and the Department of City Planning. She claims that the developers have not done proper environmental impact studies.
They're trying to build two 18-story buildings along Franklin Avenue. Some fear that it will have a negative impact on the plants and flowers.
However, developers and the city say they have done assessments and determined that the impacts will not be significant. In court on Monday, they tried to have the case dismissed.
They also wanted the judge to suspend a temporary restraining order in place, stopping them from breaking ground on the development.
The judge has held off on making a decision at this time. He's expected to decide on whether or not to get rid of the temporary restraining order on Friday.