Guide: Tips to help you avoid thefts in parking lots

The Nassau County Police Department is warning shoppers to be careful when out in parking lots. 
“Theft in parking lots occurs when you are distracted,” a recent Tweet from the department says. 
Below are some of the safety precautions you should take when out shopping:
1. Do not leave your pocketbook or wallet unattended in your car while you are loading groceries into your trunk. 
2. Lock your car - even if you are just returning a grocery cart. Double-check that your vehicle's windows and doors are closed before leaving your car unattended.
3. Keep your keys, credit cards and cash on your person at all times.
4. Many times thieves see something they like, so they break in and take it. Make sure you take your valuables with you, or keep them out of sight. Store purchases in the trunk of your vehicle, under a blanket or out of view.
5. If you’re parking your car after the sun has gone down, try to find a spot underneath a streetlight that's well-lit and well trafficked.
6. Be aware of your surroundings when you park your car. If you are wary of your safety or the safety of your car, park somewhere else. If shopping alone, don’t be afraid to ask security to escort you to your car.
7. Report suspicious activity to your local police department or by calling 911.