Hackers test U.S. Navy computer systems in contest at Brooklyn Navy Yard

Hundreds of hackers flocked to Fort Greene Saturday to put the U.S. Navy computer systems to the test.
Hack the Machine is an event that gathers computer programmers and engineers from around the country to find vulnerabilities in the U.S. Navy’s computer systems and make them safer.
Military engineers to civilian software programmers participated in the event. They worked on 3D printers, preempting issues with the F-18 plane maintenance and finding creative solutions to engineering problems.
The event had 600 participants who all came to New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, one of the country’s main ship-building sites for over 160 years.
The winning team will walk away with a reward of $30,000.
The fifth annual Hack the Machine ends on Sunday. Organizers say they plan to continue the event for many more years.