Handbag designer launches new luxury brand in Brooklyn

A designer is making handbags that buyers will have for a lifetime.
Lisa Pongrass is emerging a new luxury brand and understands the need for the "classic" handbag.
Pongrass is the founder, CEO and designer of Canvas and Hyde. Pongrass describes it as a luxury handbag company with its headquarters right in Brooklyn.
Pongrass started her company in 2016. She is also an interior designer and fashion stylist from Australia with more than 20 years of experience in fashion and beauty.
Each bag is done by hand, from cutting the leather to hand painting the leather edges and more. It is constructed not only in Brooklyn but also in Florence, Italy.
Pongrass says even though she was in the fashion world it was still a challenge. Pongrass had to educate herself about manufacturing and researched luxury construction for more than a year.
She is proud to offer not just bags but pieces she calls investments.