Hanukkah ends on difficult note for Coney Island residents after community menorah vandalized

A menorah placed right off of the Belt Parkway was reportedly vandalized, ending Hanukkah on a sour note for Coney Island residents.  
Rabbis Pinny Marozov and Meyer Brikman have worked together for over 15 years to place menorahs up throughout Coney Island. They say this is the first they’ve been vandalized.  
“I wouldn't be able to put myself in the mind in someone who thinks that way, but some people's minds are not filled with love and kindness,” said Marozov. “And you can just feel the hate." 
Though saddened by the act of vandalism and the menorah in pieces, the Chabat of Coney Island will be fundraising to place more menorahs throughout the neighborhood for next Hanukkah.