Hatzolah of Brooklyn receives over $500,000 to launch new electric vehicle program

The streets of Brooklyn will soon have a new set of cars ready to help save lives.  
Hatzolah of Brooklyn, a volunteer service that provides medical attention to those in need, received over $500,000 on Thursday as it's getting prepared to launch a new pilot program for how it provides medical attention.  
Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso and Council Member Kalman Yeger came together to announce the grant to buy five new cars to serve people in need – and two of them will be electric. They say if all goes well with the electric vehicles, it’ll be rolled out not only to help save lives with medical help but also save lives by helping out the environment.  
The new cars have not been purchased yet, but organizers say they’re hoping to get them running in the streets of Brooklyn to serve residents even faster with medical aid.