HEAT ALERT: Heat wave continues; relief expected later this week

Dangerously warm temperatures will continue across New Jersey for the next few days, but some relief is on the way.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Dave Curren says he is predicting that the humidity could subside by the end of the week.
OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy skies. Warmth and humidity linger. Overnight lows in the upper-70s.
TUESDAY: Dangerously warm temperatures. Daytime highs expected to be around 97 degrees. Humidity may make it feel hotter. Possibility of some thunderstorms. Overnight lows in the upper-70s.
WEDNESDAY: Heat expected to break, with daytime highs in the low-80s. Possibility of thunderstorms. Overnight lows around 71.
THURSDAY: Mix of sun and clouds. Temperatures around 89 degrees. Possibility of some rain. Overnight lows around 73.
COMING UP: Weekend looks like it could be very pleasant, with mostly sunny skies and low humidity.