Helpful tips on how to make your travel plans smoother for the holiday weekend

Are you headed to your favorite vacation spot for the Fourth of July holiday? Airports are no doubt going to be very busy.
This week, over four million people will travel, according to the AAA.
That number is up 11% compared to a year ago, but a few simple tips and apps can make travel a little smoother.
Melanie Fish of Expedia tells News 12 there are many unforeseen circumstances that could affect air travel – including staffing shortages, weather and just this week a warning that delays could plague aircrafts that have not update their radar to 5G.
“Check your flight before you leave home. Make sure you are getting to the airport two hours before your flight if it's a domestic flight,” says Fish.
To make your trip go smooth, try and book the earliest flight out. Delays usually start to build throughout the day, and if you can grab a nonstop, that is also key.
If you book a connection, make sure you build enough time to get around the connecting airport.
Download the app of the airline you are flying, so that you are notified right away of gate changes, cancellations and delays.
One handy app is FlightAware. It allows users to track the exact location of a plane with flight numbers.