Her Village Inc. delivers free diapers, other essentials to mothers in need

A nonprofit organization in the city is helping struggling mothers during the pandemic.
Her Village Inc. has given out more than 100,000 free diapers across the five boroughs.
The foundation has helped more than 3,400 New Yorkers by providing them with essential items.
Allison Harewood, who has custody of her 1-year-old great niece, says it’s a great help.
“Any help I can get that I don’t have to pay for, it’s a blessing,” Harewood says.
The company is funded through community donations and receives supplies through its website.
The founder of the organization, Chantal Allison Konteh, says her goal is help break the cycle of poverty.
She says she knows the need because after getting pregnant after college, she didn’t always have the money to buy diapers until a friend stepped in to help.
“A lot of people say it takes a village,” Konteh says. “It takes a village, yes, but we have to be the village.”
In addition to diapers, the organization also gives out free wipes and feminine hygiene products.