High gas prices, supply chain issues put trucking business at risk of closure

High gas prices are taking its toll on trucking businesses in Stratford.
Average gas prices this time last year were $2.14. This year, the current average in Connecticut is $3.55.
Terrence Williams, owner of GMEE Trucking LLC, says the high gas prices and supply chain issues are affecting the routes his drivers work.
Williams says he applied for every loan and grant available but he still can't generate enough business and is at risk of closure.
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John Ulysse, an employee at GMEE Trucking LLC, says that there are so many variables for small trucking operations in the best of times - and due to the pandemic, the road ahead seems uncertain.
Williams says he didn't apply for small business relief from the federal government. Sen. Richard Blumenthal says Williams isn't the only small business owner to regret not having asked for emergency help.
"Terrence Williams is only one of many small businesses including truckers who can still take advantage of federal loan and grant programs available to aid these kinds of small businesses," Blumenthal says.
Williams says he's just looking for the opportunity to keep doing good for his community.