Historic Playland Park opens for the summer

Thursday was opening day for Rye Playland - and it's the first summer the park will be run by Standard Amusements.
Standard Amusements has made some big changes this year, including the addition of a bunch of new games to the arcade. 
"We have new games, concessions that people can take their chances at games of skill," says Ernest Blundell, general manager of Playland. "You've got your dart throw where you have to get it into the star and you can win, we've got a cool game right behind us called Hang Timewhere visitors can take a chance and try to hang onto a bar for 2 minutes to win a prize."
They have also added some new rides like the Catch N Air, which is already a fan-favorite with a lot of kids waiting on line. 
Later this summer, there will be even more new rides, new midway games and a plaza fountain show. 
Many old-time favorites are also still there.   

Playland is open until 3 p.m. for opening day. The park will be weekends only until June 21 and will then be open daily from June 21 to Sept. 6. The park will return to weekends only Sept. 9 - Sept. 25.