Hitting the road for Memorial Day? Check out these tips

Memorial Day weekend is here, and AAA says motorists can expect delays on the roads.
AAA says nearly 43 million Americans are expected to travel over the holiday weekend, with the vast majority traveling by car -- which means safety and timing is key. AAA’s Robert Sinclair says drivers could see normal travel times double, so plan ahead.
“The entirety of the Belt Parkway is a traffic hotspot during the holiday weekend,” says Sinclair. “We have seen in general an increase in the number of vehicles registered in the city of New York and Long Island and in Westchester. So on a daily basis we are seeing daily traffic congestion at what might have been off hours in the past but now it's happening all the time, so just keep that in mind.”
And AAA warns that nearly 9,000 New York drivers will experience flat tires, dead batteries and lockouts – so be sure to get your car checked before you head out.
A few other reminders: Remember to be cautious on the roads, to slow down if you see flashing lights and to not get behind the wheel if you are drinking.