Holiday travelers see flight cancellations, delays at LaGuardia on Christmas Eve

Those flying on Christmas Eve from LaGuardia Airport are just hoping to get in and out, but cancellations and delays are keeping people grounded.
The weather isn't making things any better and there were about 30 delays and less than 50 cancellations around 10 a.m. Saturday.
"I came early. I'm kind of annoyed that I have to sit here in this lobby because I want coffee,” said Madeline Potts, a traveler heading to Ohio.
"I still think it's going to be canceled. I cannot believe I'm getting on this airplane,” said Bill Buescher, a traveler flying to Dallas.
The numbers were greater at JFK International Airport though with about 100 delays and 68 cancellations.
Many of the flight disruptions are being blamed on the severe winter weather that a lot of the U.S. is experiencing.
One of the flights arriving at LaGuardia Airport was from Florida and those who got off the plane said they wished they could go back because it's just too cold in New York City.