Holocaust survivor helps Ukrainian refugees transition to new lives

After thousands of refugees fled Ukraine to escape war, one Holocaust survivor in Brooklyn is helping them get set for life in the United States.  
The Holocaust Remembrance Association started the Center of the Humanitarian Crisis Relief for Ukraine back in March of 2022. The association is headed by Samuel Bykov, a Holocaust survivor.  
“I understand what it means to lose the family,” said Bykov. “A lot of refugees don’t have any friends or relatives here… we serve as sort of a bridge between their home country and the United States.” 
Tetiana Kobzarenko came to the U.S. from Ukraine one week ago with her two children and says she came here to escape the bloodshed from Russia’s invasion. 
“It’s very difficult when you have little children and you need to save them,” said Kobzarenko. "We heard bombings and missiles going off not too far from where we lived. Time to time we heard sirens. It was very scary for us." 
Kobzarenko is one of the 1,700 refugees who have visited the relief center opened last March. Her and others receive a number of services from housing to medical assistance.  
Bykov keeps letters on the wall from Ukraine that thank the relief center for aiding refugees, and the relief center even boasts a flag signed by Ukrainian soldiers as a reminder that while the war may be far away, it still hits close to home for many.