Homeless shelter in East New York to get a makeover

A homeless shelter in East New York is getting a makeover.

News 12 Staff

Nov 11, 2019, 9:39 PM

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A homeless shelter in East New York is getting a makeover.
HELP USA currently operates as a shelter for families falling on hard times. A new plan would add affordable housing to the space.
The Department Of Homeless Services tells News 12 that 70% of the homeless across the city are families. However, Council Member Inez Barron says East New York has enough shelters with at least 13 in the neighborhood.
DSS says the renovation will upgrade capacity for 195 families, along with 326 permanently affordable apartments. HELP USA says it would run the project but says that it will only include upgrades—not adding additional shelter to the community.
HELP USA and Councilmember Barron have had numerous meetings over the past three years. However, she believes they are not listening to her concerns.
She says she wants all affordable housing at the complex because she believes it would benefit the community.
HELP USA issued a statement saying, "Now that it is time to renovate that site, we have worked with the community and our city partners to design a new project that can be more than just shelter – that can provide both the long- and the short-term solution to homelessness."
DSS tells News 12 that it looks forward to more discussions with communities across New York City as it works to find permanent solutions to homelessness.
DSS also released a statement saying, "We remain committed to continued engagement with this community and communities across the five boroughs as we implement our plan to end the use of decades-old stop-gap measures once and for all."
Barron says the project will come up for a City Council vote as part of the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure process.
She says she hopes it will offer a window to make necessary changes to the project.

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