Hometown hero receives home makeover for his service

A local veteran had a group of volunteers return the favor for his service to the United States by helping bring some much-needed repairs to his home. 
Veteran Alejandro Quesada’s Castle Hill home was badly flooded and damaged by the remnants of Hurricane Ida back in September 2021, shortly after he bought the home. 
At just 27 years old, Quesada enlisted in 2014 as an army paratrooper. He joined the military after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but his service tenure ended with physical and mental injury. Quesada says his post-service recovery was further harmed by what he says was four feet of water in his home. 
The Home Depot Foundation and Operation Homefront – two organizations dedicated to improving veteran lives - teamed up to fix Quesada’s home.  
The volunteers surprised Alejandro, letting him know that his mortgage payment for December would be covered, and that his game room was fully revamped. 
“This has completely changed my perspective on humanity, really,” said Quesada.