How is the COVID-19 vaccination process working in Florida?

Headed south for the winter or know someone who is? Here’s a taste of how the COVID-19 vaccine effort is working in part of Florida. 
Just hours after Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens hosted the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, the site of the 65,000-seat stadium became a drive-thru mass vaccination site. 
The line, which stretched all the way back to a nearby highway exit, featured plenty of vehicles of people who opted to head for warmer climates during the winter, including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and more. 
Those with a spot in line still had to wait multiple hours in some instances to get their shot. Those without appointments were turned away. 
So what is the process like? Take a look at these photos from a News 12 viewer who spends the winter in Boynton Beach, Fla.
Even an hour before the viewer's appointment, the line was lengthy.
Eventually, the stadium comes into view.
Plenty of license plates from the tri-state area were seen in line.
That winding line eventually brings you to a tent...
...where the vaccination is given!
Just last night, the stadium was home to massive celebration for the University of Alabama. (Photo courtesy AP)
An overview of one of the tents. (Photo courtesy AP)
Photos from last week's lines outside the stadium. (Photo courtesy AP)
The long-winding line... (Photo courtesy AP)