How Many Stops Act supporters rally ahead of City Council decision

Supporters of the How Many Stops Act held a rally Monday ahead of a potential City Council override of Mayor Eric Adam's veto of the bill.
Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, the co-sponsor of the bill, coordinated the rally along with former NYPD Lt. Edwin Raymond and other supporters.
They outlined why they think the bill should be in place. They also handed literature out to New Yorkers to explain the legislation.
"This is all a conversation about public safety, transparency – and the police department is a part of public safety and…it can fit in seamlessly with the work we are already doing," said Williams.
The How Many Stops Act requires the NYPD to document all stops and report the age, gender and race of the person along with why the stop was made.
While it passed the City Council with a majority vote in December, Adams vetoed the bill. He said it would require officers spend more time filling out paperwork than policing and protecting the public.
Former NYPD Lieutenant, Edwin Raymond, says he disagrees.
"Again, as a recently retired former law enforcement official, I am telling you this is not overly burdensome. Officers are already required to document a lot of this information, this is just a few additional steps," Raymond said.
Just this past weekend, the mayor organized a ride-along with the NYPD so City Council members could see what it is like for officers to work a patrol shift.
The City Council is expected to meet Tuesday to override the mayor's veto.