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How to stay safe in the heat and in the water this summer

Before you go out to enjoy the summer sun, you want to make sure you're staying safe in the heat.

News 12 Staff

Jun 23, 2021, 11:54 AM

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Before you go out to enjoy the summer sun, you want to make sure you're staying safe in the heat.
June is the first official month of summer beginning with the summer solstice. June also marks National Safety Month, an initiative established in 1996 by the National Safety Council to bring awareness to the risks of heat and water related illness and death during the summer months.
"I think people, in general, are well aware that we need to protect ourselves and stay hydrated," says Dr. Ethan Wiener.
Dr. Ethan Wiener, who specializes in pediatric medicine at NYU Langone, says not only should people worry about heat-related illnesses, but also burn injuries from fireworks as the Fourth of July approaches.
"Not only burns to extremities and exposed surfaces, but in a way, most concerning to eyes where they're waving them around other kids," adds Ethan Wiener. "Of course, when there are fireworks that shoot up that end up becoming projectiles those carry an entirely different level of risk."
Dehydration is another important risk to watch out for this summer. Some of the warning signs to watch out for are, "fatigued, headachy, nauseous, dizzy and then start to demonstrate in ways that become much more obvious."
Dr. Ethan Wiener also says to keep an eye on young children by the pool. He says if someone falls in, call 911 immediately and he recommends all parents to take a basic life support class.
A few tips to stay safe for the summer are keeping a refillable water bottle with you and drinking often, keeping children hydrated in the summer sun, applying sunscreen every day, and wearing a hat.

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