Hudson River Riders aims to expand club to inner-city youth

A Yonkers kayaking club is trying to get more inner-city youth into kayaking.
The Hudson River Riders offered free kayaking and instruction on Saturday.
Kayaking is often associated with wealth, but the club’s director believes more young people of different backgrounds should get into it.
"Lots of youth just don't have the money to buy that (kayaks) or can't afford that,” said Hudson River Riders Director Chev Dixon. “And that's why we have programs like Hudson River Riders that definitely helps facilitate that.”
Kai Owen – a paddling instructor who got involved with kayaking three years ago -- told News 12 the sport can open opportunities some local kids might have never thought of before.
"This is such a great thing to do, really, like in your free time or a career, if you wanted to,” she added.
Saturday’s group did three sprint laps on the water. Dixon says next time, they're all doing four.